Questions & Answers

Waxing is a popular hair removal method, which offers at least

two distinctive advantages over using a razor. With waxing, the

desired area remains virtually hairless for four to six weeks -

sometimes as long as eight weeks. With shaving, you're back to

'square one' after just a couple days. A 'best case scenario' is

achieved when long-term waxing results in a permanent reduction

of hair growth in a targeted area. If you've never undergone a

waxing treatment before, we've prepared a Q&A section that

should answer most of your questions.


Q)How much hair growth does one need for waxing?


A)At least one quarter inch of hair growth is needed for the removal of hair with wax.


Q) How often do I need to be waxed?


A) This depends on the individual usually between 4-6 weeks.


Q) What can I expect from my waxing therapist?


A) I have undergone advanced training in Male & Female Intimate waxing

with 'The Wax Queen' Lori Nestore. I am also  proficient in speed waxing.

 I am a mature, understanding and friendly therapist and will make you feel

welcome and comfortable at all times.


Q) Will I have to be naked?

A) For all intimate waxing you will have to be naked from the waist down but

there's no need to be shy I have waxed hundreds of bums etc and yours will

be no different!


Q) Will it hurt?


A) Any hair removal from the roots will be uncomfortable but any

discomfort is kept to a minimal.  I have been trained by Lori Nestore in

techniques to ensure your waxing is as pain free as possible...but of course

it normal to be nervous at your first appointment.


Q) How do I reduce ingrown hairs?

A) This is one of the most common side effects of waxing. Ingrown hairs

are hair strands which haven't quiet broken through the skin surface but

instead fold over on themselves and create unsightly spots on the skin. The

most effective method is to exfoliate daily using a loafer or mitt.  Then

moisturize using a non-perfumed based cream.


Q) What type of wax do you use?


A) Only the best, the Berodin range of waxes one of the most superior

waxes on the market. For large areas we use strip wax and for all intimate,

facial, underarms we use hot non-strip wax. We do not sacrifice the quality

of our waxing treatments regardless of time and costs. Other salons

might be cheaper but that will show in the quality of their work.  


Q) What about aftercare?


A) You will be given an aftercare sheet before you leave the studio, please

read it!. Just in case you don't, for 24 hours after you've been waxed, No

hot showers/baths, No sunbathing/sunbeds, No saunas/spas/gym.


Q) I have sensitive skin.

A) For anyone who is sensitive to wax or those who suffer with

psoriasis/eczema we can use the old age way of hair removal called sugaring.

I have  trained in body sugaring with Nagwa Stanforth, the first to bring

body sugaring to the UK. Sugaring is gentle enough to be used on all skin

types and contains only natural ingredients.


Last but not least please arrive for your appointment clean and fresh. I

have wipes to freshen you up but if your really smelly (and I'm sure your not

!!) your treatment could be refused.